Coca-Cola didn’t offer to buy Vemma!

I cannot believe I am writing this post, I thought the rumor was dead in the water. I mean, I definitively showed that the rumor wasn’t true months ago. 

Clearly I was wrong:


By the way, that’s December 13th . . . there were a couple yesterday night proclaiming how Coca-Cola had offered to buy Vemma. I tactfully reminded them that the rumor was false, at which point they deleted the tweets before I could screen capture them.

So once and for all, from your own CEO’s mouth:


There, see? He confirmed that back in September you clods!

Now a lot of you are probably wondering why I’ve taken care to black out the names on the twitter screen captures when my usual policy is,

“It’s public, so its fair game”

Simply put . . . I don’t think Vemma affiliates are mostly to blame. Sure, they’re stupid enough to believe the rumors but that’s kind of like blaming the kid with Down Syndrome for eating crayons.

I place the blame on BK Boreyko and the Vemma elites for purposefully misleading the affiliates.

BK Boreyko purposefully made it look like Coca Cola had actually offered the money.

Instead of saying,

“Oh, that was just a silly rumor”

he instead went,

“Oh, I would never sell Vemma at any price yo!”

To his (minimal credit), he admits that the Coca-Cola buyout rumors were false . . . if directly asked via Twitter or Email.

However on the most widespread forums like Facebook and Instagram . . . he is more than happy to let his sheep spread the rumor around and build false credibility. After all, if affiliates join into his pyramid scheme due to a rumor that he didn’t directly perpetuate it’s not really his fault right?

Somehow . . . I disagree.



9 thoughts on “Coca-Cola didn’t offer to buy Vemma!

  1. This is nothing unusual. I receive emails from time to time about rumors several years old. It’s not as if everyone reads your (or any other) blog before they twitter. That’s why I think blogs are just the beginning, we must do MUCH more to shut down these scams. Who is game for doing that?

  2. I emailed you about seeing on twitter that Nate Robinson joined Vemma. Did you ever get it? Any truth to that?

  3. Anybody want to work together to shut down these scams?

  4. Haha the guy who tried to recruit me told me that coca cola offered 2 biljons ( 2000 billions) for vemma, I told him that wasn’t true, and as it turns out they didn’t even try to buy it. This is so amusing.

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