Clarification on YPR Pariah MLM Satire

So I’ve gotten a good amount of emails and a few comments on my most recent post about me monetizing an MLM satire series. From the feedback, there seems to be some serious confusion about what type of advice I was asking for and where I intend to go with it.

Allow me to clarify some things, as well as make some blunt statements.

1) It will be a paid series no matter what

The first thing that seems to be confusing people is that, in my note, I was asking would you be willing to pay a very small fee for a biweekly satire piece.

People seemed to interpret that as “would you rather have this as a free series, or pay for it?”.

Listen, The Manifesto of Agent Orange is going to be a paid series no matter what. My question doesn’t mean “would you rather have it free or have it paid” it means “would you pay for it period”.

I.e. if you’d like to help me out and reward me for my creative efforts OR get a laugh out of it, would you purchase it?

It’s either it exists as a paid series, or doesn’t exist at all. That simple.


2) I don’t owe you anything

Two email correspondents and one commentator told me, in different words, that I owed it to my readers to release the material for free.

Now they weren’t being snarky or entitled about it at all. They meant it more as a compliment than anything; my work deserves to be read by everyone who comes to this site.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t owe anyone anything.

Now this blog doesn’t take up my life; I have a full-time job now after graduating college, I have a girlfriend, I make time for my family, etc.

But please understand that YPR Pariah is still a significant, long term endeavor for which I have to set aside time and sometimes alter my schedule around. I have to sift through material, decide what won’t get me sued, arrange email correspondence through third parties, proofread, etc.

The information is for free though. I’ll never be like “Hey, guess which Vemma leader is lying today! Pay 99 cents to continue!”. The information necessary for people to decide for or against Vemma will always remain free.

I don’t owe you that either,  but I do it because I think it’s the right thing to do so that kids don’t get scammed. A moral obligation, if you will.

The Manifesto of Agent Orange however is my creative venture and it is FICTIONAL. I feel no obligation to make that free.


3) I just wanna get paid

As stupid as this may sound, YPR Pariah is one of the most significant achievements in my young life.

I graduated near the top of my class in high school, graduated college as an engineer, and now I work at a promising job. That’s awesome, and I’m proud of it.

But how many people make a blog that becomes instrumental to taking down a multi-million dollar company engaging in corrupt practices? How many do that in their 20′s within only a year?

You guys have shown appreciation for what I do and how I do it, now all I’m asking is would you pay to see me do it in a fictional medium for a good laugh. It would be nice to leverage my young life’s crowning achievement into something that can pay some bills.

That’s all.


I hope that at least clarifies my stance on this issue aaaaand I hope I didn’t come off as a jerk!


YPR Pariah and MLM Satire

Well, if you guys are regular readers you know that I threw out the idea of monetizing YPR Pariah.

Instead of directly monetizing my actual blog, I figured I’d use its booming popularity and mainstream appeal and capitalize on my writing style to produce some MLM satire.

Because of the ridiculously time consuming nature of writing an entire book, one of my closest confidantes threw an idea out to me.


Similar to a comic book (albeit no pictures), I’d produce a reasonable length chapter to an ongoing story arc of a kid who gets sucked into an MLM and eventually fights his way out.

I could release these twice a month at somewhere in the $.79 – .99 range.

This is by no means finalized, I just figured it was a good idea and I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from it.

So without further adieu, I give you the first issue of my MLM satire series for your enjoyment:

The Manifesto of Agent Orange #1: Perfect Prey

There isn’t too much MLM humor YET.

This is more to introduce my writing style, introduce some characters, and set the plot up.

Please tell me what you think!


NOTE: The purpose of this little “trial” is to determine would you pay 99 cents for a biweekly iteration of this ongoing story arc? So please do include that with any suggestions so I can start a discussion in the comments below :)

Vemma YPR Wall Street Journal Call!

So again, I’ve been getting a LOT of interviews from people.


While the interviewer was very thankful for my input and direction, he pointed out that the WSJ cannot use anonymous sources in order to remain prestigious.

SO, I’m asking YOU readers.

Are any of you not only willing to correspond with the Wall Street Journalist . . . but also willing to disclose your name?

If you are, please send me your Vemma story to my email at so that I may read and then forward your contact information to the WSJ.

In particular, we are looking for Vemma affiliates who quit.

This is another great opportunity to continue the battle in the mainstream. So please email me! :)

Vemma YPR Alex Morton Stupidity Redux!

You know what’s great?

On a slow day, on a day where Vemma just stews somewhere unseen like the open sewers in a third world country, I can still count on a Vemma leader saying something stupid in an effort to rally the remaining troops so they can ignore the criticism.

Well, today’s star is once again Alex Morton! The man who makes his money off people getting scammed below him yet masterfully convinces them that it’s not the case.

This was emailed to me:


Oh, riveting

Oh, riveting

Oh god, more of the “if you’re failing, you haven’t worked hard enough”.

Here’s the thing.

This is the guy who has, multiple times, paid for Ryan Young’s Vemma BMW or dragged him around the country to build his downline because the kid couldn’t hold up his own rank.

Where is that speech now?

This is the guy who keeps rebuilding Kailey Warren’s profit leg so that the YPR movement will have a female elite even though he (and most others) despise her.

Where was that speech then?

Most Vemma Elites are suffering significant setbacks in their income (thanks insider information!) and what is the response? Elites blame their downlines and Michelle Barnes sends out a message begging downlines to force their new affiliates into purchasing auto-delivery (will be published soon).

Why didn’t you guys “look in the mirror” then?

Vemma affiliates, you’ve been sucking Alex Morton’s dick in order for the privilege of paying him.

And his response is to get mad because you’re not cradling his balls.

Metaphorically of course.

Vemma YPR Pariah Questionnaire!

Hey guys, this is the Revanchist!

Every now and then I get tired of pissing on Vemma affiliates. It’s not because it isn’t a noble endeavor (that pyramid scheme needs to be shut down) or that I’m running out of material (I follow Alex Morton on Facebook) . . . it’s just that it’s tiring after a while.

Like I’ve stated before, there is a very real long-term emotional cost for me.

But whenever it gets a little too much, I like to have a little fun. You know, like my story round the Holidays last year?

So I figured, let’s have fun with my fans and critics!

Ask me anything in the comments section below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Some restrictions.

You don’t get to know my real name, my birth place, where I live, where I went to school, or anything about my family.

After that, fair game!

And for the love of god, nothing Vemma related.

Let’s get creative!

My opinion on Israel Palestine right now? Sure!

Favorite color? Why not!

Favorite sex position? I can send you pictures (no not really)!

My favorite HBO show? Taste in women? Taste in cars? Taste in video games?

I’ll briefly answer your questions below, and publish detailed responses to some of my favorite questions on my next post!

Let’s. Have. Fun.

Vemma YPR changes to Vemma YPDC!

Similar to how Benson K Boreyko changed his name to BK Boreyko in order to avoid Google search engines or affiliates describing their job as “International Business Developer” to avoid having people research Vemma, I’m suspecting that the same thing is happening with the YPR movement.

Because of the enormous amounts of criticism that the YPR (Young People Revolution) movement is receiving, they have changed their names to YPDC (Young People Dream Chasing).

From now on, I shall be referring to them as the “YPDC” as well (while keeping YPR in order to keep getting hits on my blog) so just a heads up!

Also, I think they specifically redesigned this for their push into the South American (particularly Colombia) and European markets in order to free them from the stigma of the YPR movement.

Let’s see if we can change that, shall we? :)

YPR Pariah Germany Vemma Blog Up!

german country flag

You guys have been asking, and it’s finally up!

One of my friends (we’ll call him “Mental Assassin” as per his web handle) who is a native German speaker has gone out of his way to create and maintain a German Anti-Vemma blog modeled after YPR Pariah!

It’s still in its infancy stages.

However, if you are reading this anywhere in Europe . . . PLEASE promote this blog on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to boost it up the Google searches.

Similar to me, he uses user feedback and stories in order to maintain and expand his blog.

So if you have ideas (or ideally, stories and assistance) please email him at:

Let’s help this take off! It’s only fair that post World Cup win Germans spend their money on something a little better, no?