Vemma YPR Pariah Questionnaire!

Hey guys, this is the Revanchist!

Every now and then I get tired of pissing on Vemma affiliates. It’s not because it isn’t a noble endeavor (that pyramid scheme needs to be shut down) or that I’m running out of material (I follow Alex Morton on Facebook) . . . it’s just that it’s tiring after a while.

Like I’ve stated before, there is a very real long-term emotional cost for me.

But whenever it gets a little too much, I like to have a little fun. You know, like my story round the Holidays last year?

So I figured, let’s have fun with my fans and critics!

Ask me anything in the comments section below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Some restrictions.

You don’t get to know my real name, my birth place, where I live, where I went to school, or anything about my family.

After that, fair game!

And for the love of god, nothing Vemma related.

Let’s get creative!

My opinion on Israel Palestine right now? Sure!

Favorite color? Why not!

Favorite sex position? I can send you pictures (no not really)!

My favorite HBO show? Taste in women? Taste in cars? Taste in video games?

I’ll briefly answer your questions below, and publish detailed responses to some of my favorite questions on my next post!

Let’s. Have. Fun.

Vemma YPR changes to Vemma YPDC!

Similar to how Benson K Boreyko changed his name to BK Boreyko in order to avoid Google search engines or affiliates describing their job as “International Business Developer” to avoid having people research Vemma, I’m suspecting that the same thing is happening with the YPR movement.

Because of the enormous amounts of criticism that the YPR (Young People Revolution) movement is receiving, they have changed their names to YPDC (Young People Dream Chasing).

From now on, I shall be referring to them as the “YPDC” as well (while keeping YPR in order to keep getting hits on my blog) so just a heads up!

Also, I think they specifically redesigned this for their push into the South American (particularly Colombia) and European markets in order to free them from the stigma of the YPR movement.

Let’s see if we can change that, shall we? :)

YPR Pariah Germany Vemma Blog Up!

german country flag

You guys have been asking, and it’s finally up!

One of my friends (we’ll call him “Mental Assassin” as per his web handle) who is a native German speaker has gone out of his way to create and maintain a German Anti-Vemma blog modeled after YPR Pariah!

It’s still in its infancy stages.

However, if you are reading this anywhere in Europe . . . PLEASE promote this blog on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to boost it up the Google searches.

Similar to me, he uses user feedback and stories in order to maintain and expand his blog.

So if you have ideas (or ideally, stories and assistance) please email him at:

Let’s help this take off! It’s only fair that post World Cup win Germans spend their money on something a little better, no?

What Do You Learn From Vemma?

I recently got into a conversation with a former Vemma member with whom I’d had correspondence. He was part of the Cincinnati team, so I figured it was only natural to ask him what changed his mind.

It got a little bit heated; he told me to get a life, and I was naturally surprised since we’d had a debate earlier on in the year.

He told me I was wasting my time and should find a different “hobby”, and I contended that he recognized Vemma as a scam and should value the fact that I save people from going through what he did.

Then it got a little bizarre. He told me that he:

- Never lost money

- Learned so much about himself and wouldn’t change anything

- Should let people learn for themselves

The email correspondence ended there, but that did seem a little weird. After all, as far as I know he had hovered around the bronze silver area for a while so I know he lost money in between plenty of times.

Also, let people learn for themselves? Should we just pass out heroin needles at preschools and let Darwinism take care of the rest?

Sorry ma'am, your child is stupid

Sorry ma’am, your child is stupid

But the second point was the one that really got me thinking.

You see, that’s brainwashing Vemma leaders put into their affiliates. You learn “how to speak in public” and “be an entrepreneur” and how to “push yourself”. I’m not saying those aren’t good things . . . those are great things without a doubt!

But that’s not my question. My question is do you need Vemma in order to obtain those things?

I had developed all those things prior to Vemma. I was a great public speaker and a great debater, my rooommate and I played with stocks to pay the first 3 months of our rent when we moved into our first house, and I was driven enough to amass enough scholarships to essentially go to school free. You think I learned to bash Vemma this skillfully from Vemma?

I'll give you time

I’ll give you time

Please, I already had those skills. No Vemma needed.

Ask yourself this, right now:

Is there any personal development inside of Vemma that cannot be achieved outside of Vemma?

Those who are honest with yourselves will probably come to the conclusion of no, there isn’t.

If you are unable to develop yourself as a human being without the theoretical lottery ticket floating in front of you, that’s a YOU problem. A pyramid scheme doesn’t need to exist just to help you along your way.


Vemma is Using Marketing Companies Against YPR Pariah

So you know Anna, the person who absolutely shredded the claim that Vemma’s affiliate program is anything like Amazon’s?

Artist Approximation

Artist Approximation

Well, she let me in on another secret.

She told me that Vemma was “astro-turfing” my blog.

Now, Astro Turf is that synthetic sod type stuff that they use to layer outdoor soccer pitches at high schools. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Vemma had moved from illegally recruiting high school children to repaving their athletic fields.

Half amused, half stunned at how dense I was, Anna corrected me.

Astro-turfing is the process by which a corporation uses marketing companies to give falsely positive reviews in order to bolster their reputation.

I.e. “artificial turf”; they’re trying to regain false ground. Since Anna has great knowledge of marketing companies and has friends that use them, she received word that a company had been hired in order to astro-turf my blog.



Now I had long suspected that SOME of the hate comments I was getting were astro-turfing (not that I knew the term at the time), but I had no way to be sure.

After all, it would be supremely arrogant of me to assume that every critic I had was some guy in India copy pasting from a script while replacing the blanks with Vemma buzzwords.

So I asked Anna for specifics.

She told me that the astro-turf comments were one of two varieties:

- Loudly claim that they had nothing to do with the company, but conveniently come to its defense and particularly focus on young people “claiming their future”. 

- Claim that the product had helped them with some unspecified disease.

She also said that if these comments were posted but never defended even if I replied to them, then she could almost guarantee that they were not true comments.

Now this is hilarious for two reasons.

First, if Vemma is resorting to paying marketing companies to place generic, cookie cutter comments on my blog then it’s working. Vemma feels the need to counteract all of the information my blog is putting out into the internet.

Second . . . most of the comments don’t make it on here.

Where astro-turf comments go to die.

Where astro-turf comments go to die.

Remember, I instituted a policy of manually approved comments to keep the moo-ing on my blog down to a minimum. Most of the comments that fall into the aforementioned categories aren’t approved!

So Vemma is paying marketing companies for transparent comments that don’t even appear on my blog!

(Mock Applause).

Bravo Vemma! You’ve really outdone yourself this time!



Make Money with YPR Pariah?

So I’ve talked about this before in a previous post.

The general idea is that while I don’t spend a LOT of time on this blog (though sifting through emails and responding to contacts is tedious), it has gotten really popular.

Sure it’s an informative blog.

But it’s also a creative brainchild of mine. It’s humorous, it’s cutthroat, and it’s got mass appeal.

However, I and some of my closer associates agreed that monetizing a site whose purpose is to inform and deter would compromise its integrity as well.

Interestingly enough though, I’ve had a lot of people email me and asking if I have a PayPal because they’re willing to donate to my “cause”.

Again, this blog is free and it doesn’t suck up that much of my time so I’ve politely refused.

However, I do have an idea that I’d like to run by you guys.

I’m thinking of writing a book.

Not an autobiography mind you, but a humor/satire piece of fiction. I want to chronicle a starry-eyed young college boy’s recruitment into an unnamed multi-level marketing company. His hopes, his dreams, his rise and his fall.

There will be plenty of hyperbole, plenty of humor, and plenty of allusions to unnamed (but easily identifiable) counterparts in the MLM world.

I figured it would be worth a laugh, and that monetizing a little bit of creative work wouldn’t hurt the integrity of my blog.

What do you guys think?

Would you be willing to shell out between $0.99 to $4.99 for a humorous book on MLMs written by the Revanchist?


NOTE: I’ve received a couple of emails on this topic, so I’d like to clear up some misconceptions.

I am not hard up for money; my family is reasonably wealthy, I went to college on a scholarship and I’ve graduated with a good job lined up.Please do not support me out of pity; if you are looking to donate money there are far more worthy causes out there on the internet.

This project is pretty much to monetize my creativity while giving all my anti-MLM supporters a good laugh.

Why Vemma is not like Amazon and its affiliate program!

This comes from a contributor named “Anna” who has enough experience with Amazon and their affiliate program that they’re willing to take on BK’s ludicrous claims about their affiliate program being “similar to Amazon”.

I have been following Vemma for some time ever since I discovered this YPR blog. I generally think of the MLM industry as it being choke full of product pyramid schemes and lots of lies. There’s hardly anything that can make my head shake more than when I hear an MLM sheep mention “oh, but we are not a pyramid scheme because we have a product” LOL Actually, there’s one thing that makes me shake my head even more and that’s when I hear BK Boreyko claim that Vemma is like Amazon and Amazon Associates, the latter — Amazon Associates — is the affiliate program for Amazon — which I will refer to as AA from now onward.

I know lots of people in the AA program and some people make some serious cash with it. Making good cash with AA is really hard because you have to be good at just about anything online instead of being good at just bullshitting sales prospects. I am sometimes amazed at how foolish all these Vemma kids can be. Everyone is cool in Vemma (with you) so long as you’re paying your autoship fee (or convincing people to pay for yours) and your upline is getting their commission from you. Heck, you could even turn up to a meeting with the famous mustache hairstyle or any other funny hairstyles and you would still be seen as a fashion demigod. Stop your autoship or start losing people from your downline, and you will soon become a fashion pariah and by default, a YPR pariah.

I have no dog in this fight, but by BK Boreyko claiming that Vemma is like AA, he is right out lying and twisting definitions as well ass twisting wh the actual AA program is about (I am sure that Amazon’s legal team would love to hear what BK Boreyko, who already has had problems with the law for lying to people and BSing the law, has to say about Amazon). Essentially, Vemma is an MLM with a complex commission structure (disguised with low-quality and overpriced products so as to not be an outright Ponzi scheme) while AA is a prestigious and trusted affiliate program (most prestigious in the world actually). You just have to go into the Affiliate Marketing article at Wikipedia, and they are quick to differentiate between affiliate marketing and MLMs, that’s how bad affiliate marketing and affiliate marketers want to distance themselves from the MLM crowd.

Anyway, this post is about Amazon Associates versus Vemma, so here are the main tidbits:

  • You do NOT have to pay to join AA nor do you have to pay to make money. No monthly fees, no auto-shipping or forced orders, no hip hop motivational dude repeating the same trite over and over again as the Vemma kids look at him like he is Richard Branson. AA is as free as the air you breathe.
  • You do not get paid in AA to get more people on AA. It’s actually stupid to do so (see next point).
  • Why on Earth would I want to sign up more people into AA? That would only increase the competitor pool and potentially cut down on my profits. Even AA doesn’t want too many affiliates and only wants the best of them that can generate thousands each month.
  • To be able to be an AA affiliate, your website will be first reviewed by the AA team and only if your website is of high quality, will you be allowed into the program. At Vemma, all you need is your credit card and to manage to steal enough money from your family members so as to be able to maintain your rank and stay qualified (or get enough suckers to pay up for you, which is steal unethical in my eyes and in the eyes of most humans).
  • With AA, if you don’t make a sale in the first 90 days upon signing, you will be terminated. With Vemma, again, all you need to ensure is to pay up every month (or get others to pay up for you. How nice!).
  • In AA, you get a commission out of the final sale of the product. However, all you do with AA is take the customer to Amazon and hope he/she buys the product you recommended or any other product in a 24 hour window. You don’t have to arrange meetings, give hyped motivational talks or call lost friends to sell them the “dream”.
  • You don’t have to pester your family members to buy from you. In fact, Amazon will cancel any commissions obtained by any purchases made from family members or friends though your affiliate ID! Many times you will have to stop your old grandma trying to help you earn a couple of bucks by her ordering her wool socks from your affiliate ID. You will actually get banned by Amazon for using family members to buy from you if you do it repeatedly (and Amazon will know, lots of guys have been banned for that).
  • You cannot tell lies about Amazon. Say in your blog that AA is so great because Coca Cola offered to buy Amazon, and your affiliate account will be terminated. You will in fact have your account terminated for just about anything that you do that hypes anything about Amazon. This is exactly the opposite of Vemma.
  • You can have a real business by using AA, not so with Vemma. With AA I don’t have any quotas to fulfill to get my commissions. I don’t have to maintain my rank and I don’t have to get more people to join the opportunity so that they get more people to join the opportunity and so on. I can get as many Amazon customers to buy as much as they want, it doesn’t matter that I make 0 sales on one month (once I am over the 90 days of trial), I will not drop from some “made up” rank and I will get any commissions I make the next month.
  • MLM as a business model is hated with passion in the affiliate world. Name any MLM in an affiliate forum (of which there are some huge ones) and everyone will call the company a scam, fraud, disguised Ponzi scheme etc (which is after all, the truth). Matter of fact, Vemma has gotten lots of hatred in affiliate and internet marketing forums (and ay other forums, just check what people say in Reddit about Vemma). Even the folks at the MMO affiliate niche (Make Money Online) hate the MLM business model and will knock it down at any opportunity.
  • When you are an AA affiliate, you actually have a nice little tab on your account to check your sales obtained through your affiliate ID, orders made and amount of shipped products. You can check a lot of things. Yes, at AA, there is a huge emphasis (and ONLY emphasis) on SALES, because that’s what affiliate programs are for: to obtain sales for a partnered company. I think the most amount of products sold by a Vemma partner is 3 products in a month (or was that the amount of products sold by the top dogs in Vemma and how they joke about it?). Oh wait, BK Boreyko counts your forced auto-ship as a sale in Vemma’s company reports (just wait till the FTC gets their hand into these reports. Look at what happened to Telexfree if you want to have some fun)
  • Oh, yeah, Amazon Associates revolves around RETAIL, SALES and CUSTOMERS. Vemma revolves around selling BETWEEN partners, front loading, auto-shipping and there are no true customers in Vemma (maybe a couple of sad folks who ordered 3 Verve cans from Darik).

I wanted to post this because not many people know how AA works. I used to be an AA affiliate but we had a baby and I could not keep up with my website and AA so I just stopped it all. I do know people that make a great living with AA but I also do know lots of people that only make a couple of bucks with AA. However AA is a crystal clear, awesome, 100% legal, trusted, brandable, easy, backed by one of the world’s biggest retailer, did I say trusted and 100% legal, did I say awesome affiliate program. Nothing comes close to AA because you are affiliated with the internet’s biggest retailer.

It’s very easy for Boreyko to claim that Vemma follows the same business model as AA, when the reality is otherwise and Boreyko is lying in order to have brand partners associate Amazon (a gigantic online retailer) with Vemma (a peddler of low quality products that is a disguised pyramid scheme). Like I say, Amazon would love to hear how Boreyko is using their name to associate Vemma with them. So send Amazon a letter too about the statements of Boreyko towards Amazon.

And by the way folks, mangosteen powder is very cheap to outsource from China and is NOT healthy. Want real health? Buy the mangosteen fruit and take a reputable (and super cheap) multi vitamin supplement every day.